Trout Fishing Analysis - Port Mansfield, Texas

Trout Fishing Analysis - Port Mansfield, Texas

Howdy from Port Mansfield Texas. I want to give a quick synopsis of what I’m seeing on the water for the month of July 2022.

Let me set the tone, this short report is specifically for those who wade shallow water year-round and who rarely cast a lure in depths greater than three feet of water (*). It’s for the flats person who loves wading that “knee deep” stuff.

A little prequel before we get into it. This time of year (pre-freeze of February 2021) while wading the flats trout of all sizes were common catches alongside of redfish. We would have plenty of “trout catching” action with the random kicker trout (ones greater than twenty-five inches) every couple of days. At times folks would actually get tired of catching trout after trout and it wasn’t too uncommon to have one hundred plus trout catches in one day.

Now, post-freeze. Trout catches in the shallows are noticeably slower. We are occasionally catching kicker fish but not like years past. Redfish were strong in the shallows but have recently slowed a bit. This could be a combination of them moving deeper because of the heat and shallow water boat traffic or the great amount of fishing pressure they have been receiving over the last 18 months or so. Don’t misunderstand the message, folks are catching fish, just not with the wide spread of consistency as years past. Fish are concentrated in pockets and when you do get into them you have a stellar day. It helps to be on the water consistently so you can keep up with their patterns.

A follow through as noted with the asterisk * - drifters have been doing fair on reds and trout out deep but that can also change from day to day.

Flounder are strong this year with many limits being taken by anglers.


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