Yamamoto Senko Worm - 5

Yamamoto Senko Worm - 5"- 10pk

Zoom Z-3 Swamp Crawler - 5 5/8

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Brand: Zoom
Leveraging the perfect design of the original Swamp Crawler, Zoom adds the appeal of a hand-pour in a mass-produced, affordable worm, creating the Z-3 Swamp Crawler. Along with Zoom's longstanding reputation for durability, this worm comes in triple-laminated colors that appeal to high-pressured fish and/or fish found in super clear water. When every other worm in the catalog fails to fool the fish, this one still earns strikes. Salt impregnated. Features: Color: M.M.III. Size: 5-5/8". Brand: ZOOM. Qty: 10/Pack
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