Heddon Swim'n Image - 3in

Heddon Swim'n Image - 3in

Heddon Super Spook Jr. - 3.5

Heddon Super Spook Jr. - 3.5"

Heddon Super Spook Boyo - 3"

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Brand: Heddon
The Heddon Super Spook Boyo measures just below the renowned Super Spook Junior at three inches and weighs around 3/8 ounces. This small stature makes it perfect for imitating young threadfin shads and to better fit fishing situations on smaller bodies of water like ponds and creeks. But, saltwater anglers can attest to the productivity of this slim, slight topwater on the biggest water out there too. The Super Spook Boyo dances with speed and erratic intensity like few others.

Size: 3 inches.
Brand: Heddon.
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