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St. Croix - SC IV / SC II Graphite Fly Blank - 9'0"

Price: $130.00

Product Details:
manufacturer: St. Croix
size: Blank Weight: 2.0 ozs.
length: 9'0"
width: 0.410
diameter: 4.0
line weight: 8wg
action: Fast
color: Gloss Burgundy Finish
pieces: 2
quanity in pack: 1


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Product Description:

Easy drinking beer is the express lane on the highway to ruin. Beer isn't meant to be confused with water, and fly fishing isn't meant to be confused with video games. Fly fishing asks you to dedicate a little heart. A little soul. A little practice, for crying out loud. But it's not like you don't get the joy of fishing an SCIV/SCII series fly rod in return. Dressed out in an uncompromisingly gorgeous gloss burgundy (some models also available in Fuchsia Metallic), just holding one of these rods has health benefits. Then you cast. Immediately the dynamic blend of high-modulus / high-strain SCIV graphite and premium-quality SCII graphite for light weight and fast action is employed. It's like a five-star detox program for the soul.