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Green Magnet - Fishing Light

Price: $179.99 - $189.99

Product Details:
manufacturer: Green Magnet
quanity in pack: 1


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98108 - $199.99 - 2 feet long
98109 - $209.99 - 4 feet long

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Product Description:

The concept of Green Fishing is based on the scientific data that suggests that certain zooplankton organisms are attracted to light of certain wavelengths. If you pass sunlight through a prism, the light is separated into a spectrum of colors, each with a corresponding wavelength (this phenomenon is also responsible for the rainbows that appear after a shower when the sun comes out). The zooplankton organisms are the food source for baitfish, such as shad and minnows. The baitfish schools follow the zooplankton. In fact, when a Green Magnet™ light is placed the water, the zooplankton organisms are drawn to the green glow produced by the Green Magnet™. The baitfish in the area are then attracted to the zooplankton organisms as a food source. Once the baitfish congregate, the larger fish species are drawn to the bait fish as their food source. The Green Magnet™ has the effect of making the fish come to you instead of you going to them ... It is a Fish Magnet! The Green Magnet™ is an industrial strength specialty fishing light built with special gasses and rare earth phosphors that cause the Green Magnet™ to produce green light in the wavelengths that are proven to attract the zooplankton organisms that are eaten by the baitfish. The entire light source is protected by a specially designed housing of ABS and industrial strength clear acrylic tubing. Each Green Magnet™ fishing light is designed for full submersion under water and operates on any 12-volt battery source. NOTE: Only the four foot light is shown.
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