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Finished fishing by 9am! Costa Rica fishing pictures

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Finished fishing by 9am! Costa Rica fishing pictures

Postby SailFishCostaRica » Mon May 10, 2010 7:37 pm

Here's a quick pick of me, the mate and the 32 foot Ocean Master named 'Stress Reeliever' we fish and love!

Fishing Reports:

May 10, 2010


Wow, the fishing is Super Hot right now. We went out today for 1 hour of fishing and we had a big Sailfish and a monster Dorado. We had 55 minutes of fish fighting and 5 minutes of trolling. Everytime the line touched the water, there were fish behind it. We also found this awesome crate floating around in the water at 20 miles and below it there was a huge school of bait. And like every good fisherman knows, where there is bait, there are gamefish! It's funny, usually the fishing is the hottest in February and March, but it looks like this year, May-August are going to be full of Sails, Yellow Fin, and Dorado. Today is the only day so far this month were we haven't seen the a big YellowFin Tuna School as well. I thnk I could have put some YF Tuna numbers up today if we had been out more than an hour. May has been great so far, we have had only about 2-3 hours of daylight rain all this week. I think we'll keep seeing high numbers and clear days until August. Anyway, here are the pictures, and hopefully I'll post some more soon!


May 6, 2010


Had a half day inshore today, and it was a blast. It's interesting, it has started raining in the mountains and it rains here everynight now, and it has changed the nature of our inshore fishing. We used to go to river mouths and throw up in there looking for some Roosters and if we didn't hook up, we would just move. I just bought a brand new sonar, my dream machine, a Furuno 585 with the biggest transducer they make. I thought today I would try using the sonar to get the Roosterfish instead of just hitting the normal holes and hoping for the best. So today, we went out looking for big fish with the sonar. It took a while to find what we were looking for, but man when we got on the fish, we hooked a monster. I was following a rock ledge trying to find what depth these massive sea creatures were hiding at, and I found a thermocline at around 40 feet that was showing lots of fish. For those of you not familiar with new generation fish finders, they not only tell you where the fish are, but measure the fish and give you the size. So if I am seeing lots of 4-6 inch fish I know they aren't the ones I am after. Also, they are super sensitive to temperature breaks (themoclines), and everytime there is a water temperature change, you get some fuzz at that depth. Well this particular thermocline was showing 20-30 inch fish outside a ball of bait (I think they were bonitas). That's about right for a monster Rooster. So knowing where they are at is half the battle, and we got right after them setting up the downrigger and the biggest lookdown bait I could find. Bam, monster Rooster. I'm talking full hour and change fighting him. After an exhausted but elated customer got the fish up and had the photo sesson, the hunt was back on. I'm still learning how to use the fish finder, but one thing I did figure out was the target lock. You can pick a big concentration of fish and mark them on the sonar. The sonar then sends the point to the GPS and you get a mark on your map. Transfer that to the autopilot and after you release the fish, the boat turns and drives right back over the group. Works great fishing inshore with structure because the fish don't move a whole lot. And swith long fights, it was hard to keep track of where the fish we at before, but now all we had rouble with was getting the rods set up before the boat put us on target again. Well we let the Rooster go, and hit go on the fishfinder and we were hooked up within 2 minutes of fishing. Well anyway, that's the story of how the day went, too bad it wasn't a full day, or we would have caught an insane amount of fish. I expect my inshore trips to be filled more with big fish and maybe not the same number, but more fighting time. We'll see, it was the first day out inshore with the new equipment and I'd consider it a success. I'll keep you guys updated on how this goes down. Offshore the bite has been great and there are lots of Sails, Dorado, and Tunagoing around. Definitely not the normal May in Costa Rica. We have been getting no waves, little rain during the day, sun and lots of fish. I'm looking forward to a great June, July and August. I forgot the camera, but I'll hopefully have some pictures up here in the next day or so. These pictures are from earlier this week offshore, and as always, are of different fish.


April 27, 2010


Great day fishing inshore today! I love when I get to take the younger anglers out! We went out inshore today and got some Roosterfish, a really large Jack and a really nice Spanish Mackeral. We also had about 20 other bites, but didn't get those all the way into the boat. When the tide was low in the afternoon, we were getting a hit every 10 minutes, it was really exciting! The most fun was watching our younger angler rell in the Roosterfish above. He was very wore out, but acomplished something which gives trouble to many more experienced anglers! Offshore has been great as well, with lots of sails and Marlin out. Last trip out, although we didn't get them all to the boat, we hooked 6 sails and a Marlin. Lots of billfish acrobatics. I kinda expected this year to get more sails later in the season, and I am hoping the sails come out all summer. Either way, there will be an awesome Marlin bite, so anybody wanting to hook into the big one, come visit me this June-August!


Sorry this took so long to post, but I have had a big problem trying to get Costa Rican government run internet to mesh with video files and You Tube. But this was an awesome day of fishing. We had heard of Tuna in the area, so we went way out and we found this huge school of Dolphins and Tuna and had it all to ourselves! At first, as you can see in the first video, the school was really moving as the Dolphins were chasing huge schools of small Sardines. It was neat because the Sardines were only 2 inches long at most and it just looked like a dark black cloud moving through the water. at high speeds. Finally the Dolphins got them in a big dark ball and that's when we started pulling out the Tuna. We hooked up with 7 in all and they were all pretty nice sized ones, no footballs! We finally left there in search of a sailfish and ended up hooking one (but it escaped before we got it all the in)and a 300 pound Manta before going towards the house. It was the first Manta I have ever hooked, and the way it hit the bait and fought I was sure it was a Marlin. He pulled out part of his body when he took the bait that looked like a giant Dorsal Fin and then started ripping away at line. I had to turn the boat and chase him just to keep from getting spooled! Well, anyway, I'm sure people will ask why i put videos of Dolphins up on the site. Well guys, here's your chance to sell the Costa Rica trip to your wives! All women love Dolphins! And the whales is just icing on the cake! Below are two of the Tuna, and some sails from this week. Great day fishing, I'll keep those Quepos Fishing Reports coming!

Capt John Schuchert
Quepos Costa Rica
Costa Rica Fishing
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