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Let's Go (Capt Scott Null) takes a shot at Bass fishing!?

Moderator: Crank-B8

Let's Go (Capt Scott Null) takes a shot at Bass fishing!?

Postby cnull » Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:12 pm

Here's his report...

I've been eying this little bayou for quite some time with thoughts of bass fishing from the yak. It's one of those places I've just never ventured into for some reason. I figured there might be a few reds in there as well since it's a bit brackish. This morning I decided to go give it a look in the boat. I found plenty of bait cruising around in big schools and getting hammered. After switching lures a few times I finally got bit and landed a small skipjack on topwater. After quite a few more little skips I figured that was pretty much all that was happening there.

Next stop a ways up the bayou there was even more bait getting busted. After a bunch of swings and misses I hooked up a sizable gar. The sun popped out and I realized I was surrounded by gar. Vincent's nightmare.

Motored up the bayou a mile or so and ran into bait covering the surface and getting busted once in a while. Gar again. But the shorelines were thick with overhanging trees and it looked bassy. I started tossing a white spinnerbait into the trees and hung a nice bass about 4-5lbs, but lost it at the boat. Got a few more hard hits without hooking up. Then the spinnerbait just stopped on a retrieve followed by a hard run into the trees. I managed to bully it out of the limbs for a fair fight in open water. Nice fat 26-27" red. Cool, bass and reds hanging out with each other.

About 50 yards down the shoreline I tossed up under an overhanging oak tree and the spinnerbait got hammered. There was a crashing, splashing, thrashing fight going on back in the trees and I had no idea what the heck was taking place back there. I figured it was a damn big gar. Then all of the sudden a big silver fish came flying out of the bushes about eye level to me standing on the front deck. It hit the water before my mind could process what the heck was happening and took off for the open bayou. The next set of jumps confirmed what I thought it might be. Tarpon!

SWEET! After a few more jumps he came to hand and let me land him for a couple quick pics.

I spent the rest of the day thinking every bite was another tarpon, but only managed some more gar, skipjacks and one big angry gafftop. All on a white bass style spinnerbait. Who'd a thunk it. That's why I love exploring new water.
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