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Capt Mike McBride

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Capt Mike McBride

Postby cnull » Fri May 29, 2009 11:44 pm

One of our own family members need your prayers and help.

Over the holiday weekend Capt Mike McBride was hit by a stingray. As if that wasn't bad enough, his condition has been complicated by necrotizing fasciitis. Yes, commonly known as “flesh-eating disease." For those of you who might not know, Capt Mike (McTrout) is one of our pro staff members, a very important member of our fishing family and a very respected guide on the Texas coast. You can see his monthly articles in Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine.

Here's the latest from Capt Mike himself:
Stingray updates and answers


First of all, I am totally blown away and extremely humbled by all of this, both by the incredibly 2Cool responses, and by those little critters which can hand you a life changing event with one little poke.

Aside from all of that, there have been a ton of questions raised which need answering to set some of y'all at ease. This is nothing to freak over, but it is something to be educated about. Here's what I do know, and I do know that we don’t need anybody else going through this.

·No I was not wearing protective boots, just regular flats type booties.
·The hit was top dead center of the ankle joint. I was actually not moving, but a client next to me was while we were trying to Boga grip a 28" trout.
·No I did not seek immediate medical attention. [I went in but let it ride…just didn’t look worthy of a holiday weekend trip to town.]
·The swelling, etc., looked normal until the next afternoon [24 hrs later]...then everything literally exploded within a period of 2 to 3 hrs.
·The exploding infection caused necrotizing fasciitis. Yes, commonly known as “flesh-eating disease”. Symptoms are rapid swelling turning quickly to violet and black, plus gaseous surface blistering with high skin heat.
·Many types of bacteria can cause necrotizing fasciitis: Strep, Staph, Vibrio vulnificus, etc. We don’t know yet what it was but cultures are being run and we’ll find out.
·The bacteria could have come from several sources; on the ray, in the mud, in the dirty water near the slough… we just don’t know. It seems to always be there in one level or another, but has been very rare down here. We were, however, in the effluent of a draining freshwater slough. The enemy wasn't the ray but the bug.

Here’s the results. Extreme tissue destruction, tendons exposed, grafting required. A life changing event no doubt with a long road ahead.

The question is: Is this a kill switch issue? Perhaps. Lotta ways to make contact with this type of bacteria, but put your gear on and eliminate one of them. Seriously, this stuff is so strong, that if I had been immune compromised I may not be typing this. Y’all be careful out there, take proper precautions, and again, there are no words worthy enough for Capt. Tricia and I to thank y’all enough. There is no way we could have made it through this without you guys.

As is the case with most full time fishing guides, they rely on fishing almost every day to make ends meet. It will be a long recovery for Capt Mike. In order to make this time a little less stressful, our friends on 2coolfishing.com have rallied together and started an online auction to benefit Capt Mike and Capt Tricia. Check out the great trips, gifts, lodging and more that are on the auction block. Bidding ends at Noon on June 8th. 2coolfishing.com, go to "Capt Mike McBride Fundraiser."

Please join all of us at Fishing Tackle Unlimited in wishing Capt Mike McBride a speedy recovery. You can find out more about Capt Mike McBride and Capt Tricia at skinnywateradventures.com.

Tight lines,
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