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Fishing is Always Good in Port Mansfield, TX

Posted on Monday, 08/15/11 5:00 pm by captmike
Fishing in Port Mansfield remains good to excellent. Average sized trout (17-21") have been easy to come by, mostly on plastic tails but some good early topwater action can be also be expected. Just look for concentrations of baitfish and get in there. We are still catching larger trout as well even in this heat. Bigger fish pushing 28 to 30" can be had in the shallow sand. Most of it is sight casting from about 9:30am  till 1pm or so with good visibility. Well placed presentations have been getting jumped on by cruising fish, but it's not for the impatient or ice-chest oriented angler. It's encouraging to see just how many large fish we have while running the clear flats, and this fall & winter look excellent for those upper class fish we all covet. They are already putting on weight preparing for the final spawn of the year.
Redfish have remained sort of a mystery so far with most larger groups still hanging deeper than usual. We can expect them to invade the shallow flats in force any day now, and when they do we will all wonder where in the heck so many came from. In the meantime, isolated solos (mostly low to mid-slots) are coming from a variety of lures in most areas you might expect; extremely shallow early then easing down to deeper grass beds and potholes as the water temp increases.
Flounder are still a big bonus. We haven't seen many in several years, but incidental catches have been coming in daily for several months.  We are cleaning 4 or 5 per day on average just while fishing for trout and reds, but the population is good enough that you can specifically target them. Dark tails pulled along most channel edges have been consistent.
Our water is still in good shape, extremely clear on the East side and good on the West side with moderate winds. It's been a little windier than normal for this time of year, but we usually have good windows until about 1pm. The grasses are recovering well from the freshwater flood of last year, and the floating grass south of town can be horrible in the afternoons. You almost gave to go weedless after lunch unless there is a lot of east in the wind keeping things better cleared.
All in all fishing is plenty good most days however you want to do it, and we can expect things to even improve as we move towards fall. Something to be excited about...
Mike McBride

P.O. Box 169, Port Mansfield TX 78598  




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