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Yes, you can site cast in Galveston Bay

Posted Monday, August 15, 2011 by cnull in Inshore Fishing Blog
My trips are way to far and few, but this one was a quality trip with my wonderful husband and our ever faithful lab, Charley. The redfish weren't as cooperative as they had been for him the day before, but it was good enough for me. On Friday Capt Scott had seen schools of redfish agressively feeding on small white shrimp against the small islands in the marsh. The schools of redfish would circle the small islands several times with their backs out of the water pushing bait against the grass. On Saturday, the tides were lower and the winds were higher, they seem to stick to the windward sides of the islands which made it harder to find them and keep up with the schools as they traveled from one island to another. We headed out early from Louis' bait camp along with many others who decided to fish this Saturday morning. The winds were a little stronger than we would have liked, but not too bad to call it quits. We headed west for the shallow waters of west bay. Initially I was rigged with a Midcoast Inticer and a Gulp 3" new penny shrimp. I wasn't anticipating a lot of opportunity for sight casting with the wind situation as it was. This proved to be a good method and yelded a trout and a small red...and a hardhead. Once the schools of redfish were spotted, I switched over to a TTF Hackberry Hustler for a quiter presentation. When a cast was possible at the feeding group, it was Fish On!! I love the action of presenting a bait to a feeding fish and watching it hit! For us, it's not about quantity, its about quality. This proved to be a great day of quality time together and quality fish.