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Todd and Todd in McFaddin Beach

Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Sunday, 10/13/13, I met up with Todd Schaeffer from Fishing Tackle Unlimited. He is in the kayak sales and service department at the I-45 and Beltway 8 store found in Southern Houston. If you need help with a kayak, heís your man.

We met on McFaddin Beach around 8:30 AM. We unloaded our equipment and within a short time we pedaled out beyond the breaking surf. Todd normally fishes out of a Jackson Cuda and I talked him into trying out my wifeís Hobie Outback. We each made it through the surf pretty easily.

 photo 0712ef37-0726-4a79-a6bd-068946c2473c_zps28f71514.jpg

 photo 0b716cac-de8c-4fa6-b819-df329f70a0d5_zps9ea8329c.jpg

We first stopped and fished in about 11-12′ of water. We had a few runs, but they all resulted in no fish. We had a few equipment errors to deal with as well. Toddís kayak anchor was not heavy enough to hold him into place.

We decided to move shallower, as we marked lots of fish on the way out. I dropped anchor in about 10′ of water. Toddís anchor still would not hold him in place so we decided to tie him to the front of my kayak. I had enough rope to let him drift out about 25 yards or so. It wasnít long before we started hooking fish.

 photo 22e2a253-1df1-4177-8c41-d961cd10fe23_zps0bce4631.jpg

It was a little tricky reeling in such big fish with another kayak tied to the front of mine, but I managed.

 photo 6e6affc8-472f-4d8b-a60d-036ad9a52c2c_zps40dc1acd.jpg

I used my Go-Pro camera mounted on a Railblaza 600 camera boom.  I have it mounted on a swiveling rail-mount attached to the poles next to my seat.  This is a great set up for taking pictures and capturing video.

 photo 69fa76f2-6376-4734-a76e-c836820bd245_zpsf3e13afc.jpg

I caught nine redfish between 9:00am and 2:00pm. My redfish ranged from 29″ to 40.5″. the action was a little slower than my last BTB trip, but who can complain about catching  monstrous fish in that short time span.?

 photo e0df5d6b-5bef-42a1-8424-564ffa055c09_zps1cd2f0bf.jpg

Todd doesnít fish BTB. He is exclusively a bay fisherman. However, he handled the surf like a pro.  Iím not exactly sure how many bull reds he caught. (I stopped counting after five.) He seemed to be having a blast. I did capture some action shots of Todd with his fish.

 photo d38eb28b-677c-47f3-8352-a84b62fd4239_zps14719144.jpg

All fish were caught on dead/frozen mullet. This time of year you can only purchase mullet under 12″. This is a Texas state law to protect mullet during their spawn.  Most of the mullet I left whole. As I ran low on bait I was forced to cut some of the larger ones in half.

 photo 8fbf4bf1-5edf-4a34-8a57-a7d80321f022_zps4f252191.jpg

 photo c63810b3-cd8c-415c-bb41-2f0ca661f749_zps3e8652f1.jpg

I  purchased the bait and some leaders at the Seapony bait store in Winnie, TX. Once again the owner, Rick, proved why he is an upper coast favorite when it comes to bait shops.  I had a few spare minutes so he taught me a trick to making leaders out in the water. This man is a plethora of knowledge. If you get a chance stop in and introduce yourself.

It was a great day. The waves werenít too bad. Part way through the day the wind switched and blew for a short period out of the North. In the early afternoon, the wind switched again and began blowing from the East. The waves picked up and we were out of bait so we called it a day.

Good friends, good times and good fishing, what else can you ask for?

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart