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Todd Hart: White Bass at Livingston Dam

Posted Monday, May 12, 2014 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Sunday, 5/4/14 I took my wife to catch some white bass at the Lake Livingston dam. We stopped at Browder’s Marina and purchased our passes. We then launched at the spillway before making our way to the Trinity river side of the dam. My wife showed off her mighty muscles as she drug my 14′ Hobie Pro Angler down to the water.

 photo 0379b249-58b6-46ef-831f-40a935875c7d_zpsc031b737.jpg

We slept in on this morning, therefore, arriving a bit later than normal. I believe this was a mistake as when I first got onto the actual river I landed a number of white bass instantly.

 photo be34ecde-fad0-4702-bf45-5e312b1bdfaf_zps5f6aff66.jpg

 photo 1b0c32a1-6daa-4e06-916f-c9c5aaf4353f_zps64a5d049.jpg

My wife Kristen was a bit upset, at first blaming me for her lack of “Catching”. But eventually she got into some white bass as well.

 photo ea31a0f1-a373-4ab1-b858-cd08569c0e39_zps511087c6.jpg

 photo e5a45df9-4682-488c-b26a-f6670187bd51_zps0d55bc11.jpg

 photo c14318ef-1fb5-4994-844e-ae954282e201_zpsca82b634.jpg

Below was my wife’s “mean look” after finally catching up to me to take this picture. (I had the camera and the ruler.)

 photo 2685f1f6-91cf-4b12-8017-25b907146a61_zpsd911a10f.jpg

As I mentioned, the bite was really good for the first 30 minutes or so, but it really slowed down by 10 AM.  The fish we were catching now compared to weeks past seem smaller. Most fish were under the required 12″ minimum needed for Kayakwars.com.

Hopefully, we can still get another week or two of quality white bass fishing on the river.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart