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That Elusive Trophy Trout May Be Yours This Month

Catching Speckled Trout and Redfish with Fishing Guide, Capt. Paul Marcaccio, on Galveston Bay.

March is really not the ideal time to seek trophy trout, but here are some tips that may enhance your chances of mounting that elusive show trout.

For whatever reason, wade fishermen find that large speckled trout seem to hit on long casts. Maybe they are more wary than the smaller ones. Take special interest in your tackle. Be sure you have a rod with plenty of backbone. One with too much bow may result in a missed trophy trout.

In addition, line size plays a significant role. Be sure to use no larger than 30lb braid by Sufix or 10 lb mono. Lighter line will cast farther and will drop through the water without being noticed as much as a heavier test line.

There will be a few days during the month that the tide and water clarity will be right for the asking. If possible, use double tides (two lows and two highs), along with trout water (approximately 12 inches of visibility) to start your trophy hunt.
Keep in mind, pods of nervous mullet or baitfish are essential. That show trout is lurking just beneath them.

Make sure of the entire Galveston Bay complex, areas like the south shoreline of West Bay, or the wading areas in East Bay (north and south). Don’t forget about Trinity Bay. When salinity is right, expect to find that career speckled trout.
A combination of layered clothing, covered by neoprene waders insures a comfortable guard against the winter water.

Bay water temperatures cool and the fish turn more to a diet of mullet and shad. Hard-bodied mullet imitations, such as She Dog, Jr., baby Spooks or Mirro-lures become real producers. That is not to say that soft plastics (Bass Assassin or Sand Eel, Jr. from Norton Lures) are not effective during the winter.

When the initial strike hits your rod, set the hook. Leave nothing to the imagination. Big fish are favored in the first few seconds. If she has the bait securely in her yellow mouth, you probably won’t lose her, if you remember to set the hook hard and hold the rod tip up. A tight drag is not necessary. Back off the reel drag. Let the reel fight the surges and dives she will make toward you. If necessary, use your thumb to keep pressure as she runs her course.

Some trout will tail walk and roll away in an attempt to shake the bait. At times, she will run at you in an attempt to gain freedom. Keep the rod at arms distance. Give yourself additional line by pulling the line yourself while keeping tension on the rod and line.

When you finally have her to within reach, don’t panic. She will be larger than life. Walk the fish in a semi-circle; making sure your stringer stays out of the way. Keep in mind, you will have only one chance to reach out and secure that trophy trout. You may need to raise the rod with a high arm to guide and hold the fish within reach.

Correctly grip her across the back behind the gills. When you are ready and the fish is lifeless for a moment, seize her. Reach out and grab with authority. Now place your rod under your arm and pull enough line to secure the trout in your donut or on your stringer. Your other hand may be necessary to hold the underside of the fish, being careful not to damage the gills, if you are going to release this beautiful fish.

Now you’ve finally done the impossible. Congratulations are in order. Maybe even a holler. Makes no matter, you won the battle.
Enjoy the moment. It will be yours for all time.
Have fun and be careful while fishing.
Good luck and good fishing.
See ya’ll on Galveston Bay.

Capt. Paul Marcaccio

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