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Texas BTB 11/9

Posted Friday, November 22, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Saturday (11/9/13) I decided to make a trip to McFaddin beach.  The forecast called for 2′ waves. The wind was supposed to 10 mph or less. It sounded like a very doable day to break through the surf and chase some big reds.

I awoke early with every intention of hitting the water as the sun came up. Unfortunately, I woke up to a nasty migraine.  I hit snooze a few times and waited for some medicine to kick in. I finally decided to load up on coffee and make the trip.

By the time, I arrived at the Seapony Bait Shop in Winnie, TX my headache began  to go away. Rick the owner spent some time helping me make some leaders. It is service like this that encourages me to keep coming back.

After purchasing my bait I hit the surf. My fish finder was not working so I pedaled out to some birds diving in the distance. It wasn’t long before I hooked up with a shark.  I wasn’t fishing for sharks and I was using some short leaders, so needless to say he got away. Over the first hour I kept catching giant gaft-top. The redfish were just not biting. I was about to move to a new depth when all of sudden the redfish bite just turned on.

 photo 258bd083-3389-4dac-a723-78afef02c9db_zps82b6c0c9.jpg

I hooked with multiple fish (doubles) numerous times.

 photo 767cb0af-e239-4462-908f-1991c6a8e281_zpsd87e9235.jpg

 photo 941a8fc7-b637-4453-ba5c-d4c008d97438_zps43627f28.jpg

Between reeling in fish and taking pictures I had little down time.

 photo 9a2e7979-3f44-4852-9932-201b34780f54_zps1a4b65ba.jpg

 photo a0e451b6-05d2-41eb-a1e9-0be34056bd95_zps1a5d39c3.jpg

Between 10:30AM -12:30PM the bite was good. I landed 12 redfish all measuring between 35″ and 41″.  Three of the reds were over the 40″ length requirement to count as trophy fish in the Kayakwar’s tournament.

One fish slipped right out of lap as I was getting ready to photo him. Whoops, I guess he got away.

 photo e5daade2-0c4e-4b57-bcc7-7c62f71c27ab_zps56f8107c.jpg

All redfish were caught on dead frozen mullet. This time of year the mullet are required to be under 12″. The mullet I was using were quite small so I switch to using the entire mullet in an attempt to keep the gaft-top off the hook. Below is a picture of how I hooked the bait. No weight was used. I just free-lined the bait, hook and leader.

 photo 587440ab-ab21-4352-8ea3-079d1f1c87a4_zps105ee3f8.jpg

It was a great day of fishing with plenty of tight lines for approximately two hours.

 photo 3e2b34e7-dfd4-429c-9955-2a58534ed6e3_zps4277407a.jpg

Around 12:30pm -1:00pm  the fish just seemed to stop biting. I called it a day and headed for the beach.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart