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Schooling Trout

Posted Monday, October 28, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Saturday evening (10-26-13), I packed up my yak and my small camper trailer and headed for the coast.  My wife gave me the OK to fish both Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. Her orders were to be home Sunday afternoon so off I went. “Gotta keep momma happy.”

 photo 0a6a58d3-2e2f-49b3-b207-a33b4bbd25d8_zpsbc6fc5b2.jpg

I meet up with my fellow “Anglers Elite” team member, Grant, at approx. 3:30 pm. He had already scored a 20″ trout.

The wind was strong and the first few hours were a struggle for me. I landed only a couple of small schooling trout.

 photo 8c17056c-acfa-45d4-b013-696222665924_zpsc4c740e1.jpg

Kayakwar’s points only count when trout equal 20″ or greater. These small trout were not what I was targeting.

Off in the distance I saw a huge flock of diving seagulls. I pedaled with all the speed I could muster. The distance was great, but no matter how fast I pedaled it seemed as though I couldn’t catch up. They were moving away. I decided since I already put forth such as effort I was going to catch up with these birds if it were the last thing I did.

Finally, I caught up and found another school of small trout. (ERRRRR!!!)

 photo c664d42a-f4db-4b09-a5a6-87ab188814b8_zpse30a48f9.jpg

 photo 71ae67a1-329c-41da-80a3-7aea6ed05d95_zpsfe92d652.jpg

Now I was faced with a long pedal back.  I asked myself, “Why did I chase those birds?”  Along the way back I  decided to troll a Vudu Shrimp and a Category 5 Shrimp Minnnow. (Don’t want to waste time on the water.) This resulted in a some puppy drum (black).

 photo 9baa69ac-e645-4ae2-8599-498386851ba8_zps4f25b475.jpg

 photo a60e5596-f153-48cf-8124-ce365451b3bf_zps646a743a.jpg

By the time I was half way back to the truck the darkness hit. I continued trolling and continued catching small trout. I was hoping to catch some bigger trout, but they only grew a couple of inches.

 photo 215de5fb-83b7-4b3c-ad5f-3ee7963d250f_zps73c9f953.jpg

 photo 6e55b573-34b2-4f59-b7f2-c1d3596ec27d_zps34cbeb9b.jpg

No points for kayakwars for me this evening. I did manage to catch roughly 15 keeper sized schooling trout. I guess that’s not a bad night. No points but fun none the less.

Here is a mystery. How is it I pedaled against the wind on the way out and against the wind on the way back. Maybe our parents weren’t lying when they claimed to have walked  to school up hill both ways.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart