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Sabine to Southwest Louisiana with Capt Bruce Baugh

Monster Trout in Big Lake

Posted on Tuesday, 12/06/11 5:19 pm by captbruce
I had Brian Ko, who works for FTU, at the Katy Fwy location down for a trip. He brought friends Lou Nufers, Joe Pena,and Jason Bennet along in search some Calcasieu monster trout. They were not interested in numbers. As we launched the boat we had pretty frigid conditions. It was  33 degrees and I was scraping ice off my wind shield. The water temperature was a cold, 50 degrees and a light n/e wind was blowing. We jumped out of the boat onto a muddy north shoreline, loaded with scattered toeheads or live oysters. There was not a mullet or bait fish in sight, although ...

Big Time on Big Lake

Posted on Monday, 11/07/11 3:58 pm by captbruce
Fishing lately has been wide open on Big Lake. The flounder run is in full swing and the birds are working over most of the lake. The larger trout are making their move to the shorelines for the wadefisherman to target.We are getting them on soft plastics or gulp on a 1/4 oz jig head with pearl white being the go to color. The big trout are eating topwaters and Paul Browns Originals. Wow, I love this time of the year !!! tidelinechartersllc.com    Thanks, Capt Bruce

Fall Fishing Has Arrived in Calcasieu

Posted on Saturday, 10/29/11 7:47 pm by captbruce
The fishing on Calcasieu has been wide open between the cold fronts.Birds have been working all over Big Lake and West Cove. We have been taking limits to near limits regularly. Both trout and redfish have been mixed under the birds and we are getting them on soft plastics on a 1/4 ounce jig head. The big trout are also making their move towards the shorelines for the wadefisherman. The flounder have also started their fall run. Wow, There is not enough time in the day to do it all. I love fall fishing.... www.tidelinechartersllc.com Thanks, Capt Bruce
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The Miller Boys in Calcasieu

Posted on Saturday, 09/17/11 11:33 pm by captbruce
I recently had Rik Miller and son Jackson, down for a wade fishing trip. Jackson was heading off to to college the following week in Colorado. It was going to be Jacksons first time away from the family and Rik wanted to spend some time on the water with his boy. We had ideal conditions, a  light northwest wind and a moving tide. We were going to be throwing topwaters, super spooks and she dogs. As we walked down the shoreline I watched Rik and Jackson string a few trout and reds and enjoy their day on the bay. The topwater bite on Big Lake has been pretty good for August.   ...

Galveston Boys go to Calcasieu

Posted on Monday, 08/08/11 6:03 pm by captbruce
I recently had Galveston Bay Pros, Bob Hardy and Maurice Estlinbaum come down looking for a topwater bite. Fishing from the boat was out of the question as these guys just do not fish out of the the boat. Wade fishing was the game plan and we headed to an area adjacent to the ship channel. We jumped out of the boat into a flat teaming with rafts of shad with the occasional jumping mullet.  The water temperature was pushing 90 degrees and felt a little like a hottub.We had a good in coming tide with a lot of active bait and it was dead calm. It all looked good as we spread out on the flat.   I ...

Summer time pattern is happening on Big Lake

Posted on Thursday, 07/28/11 8:08 pm by cnull
Summer time pattern is happening on Big Lake. We have been concentrating on areas near the channel or the channel itself. Soft plastics on a quarter ounce jig head have been the most productive. Also there have been several large schools of redfish out roaming the middle between Longpoint and the Weirs. They have been moving fast, busting the pogeys or shad. Keep an eye open for the gulls or the liar birds. The liar birds do not always lie. We have been throwing heavier jig heads at them in order to reach out and touch them. Making a real long cast matters. I have been throwing the ...
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Wind lays in Calcasieu

Posted on Monday, 07/11/11 12:54 pm by captbruce
Well the wind layed during the first of the week and allowed us to make the run to the short rigs, located several miles off the beach front. Almost like clockwork, the 4th of July Holiday  marks the beginning of summertime red hot speckled trout action at the oil rigs. We are getting them on scented soft plastics on 3/8 to 1/2 oz jig heads. You will need the extra weight to get your lure down there near the bottom. The water depth will range from 18 to 27 feet, depending on the rig you are on.   Also as an added bonus, keep an eye open for the floating ...
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June 19, 2011 - Calcasieu Report

Posted on Thursday, 06/30/11 7:17 pm by captbruce
Big trout are showing up out in the middle over deep shell. You will need to key on the pods of pogeys or shad. Also be on the look out for slicks and the blow ups occuring in the dark clouds of shad. Throw your favorite topwater and hang on, as schools of brute reds are also roaming the area. Do not pass up a school of skip jacks or lady fish. The bigger fish will actually be under these schools ready to blast your topwater... Good fishin ! Tide Line Charters Calcasieu Lake Capt Bruce Baugh 337-660-1814
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Calcasieu Report 6/10/11

Posted on Saturday, 06/11/11 3:09 pm by captbruce
Well the wind has finally layed. We have had the windiest Spring that I can remember.Our fishing has been limited to the channels, marsh, and Black and Prien Lakes. The fishing has been good in those areas but its great when we had those small windows of opportunity to hit Big Lake or West Cove. Several double digit trout were caught between the blows. We are in a Summer pattern at this time. Our wade fishing is good usually during the first few hours of the morning. Then it is time to drift the deep shell. Topwaters have been working out in the middle drifting slicks for the bigger trout. ...

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