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Kayak Fishing Blog

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David Roberts: Scientific Method of Fishing

Posted on Monday, 03/16/15 2:59 pm by cnull
When it comes to fishing, there are no rules, no certainty, no absolutes. Every day is a new day and it reminds me of a science experiment. Sabine Lake is my lab, my kayak and poles are my tools, and my waterproof jacket is my lab coat with my Costa’s being my safety glasses. First off, you have to ask yourself a question that you will be testing to find if it is true or not. Fishing being the subject, we often ask “With these conditions, will the fish be biting today?”.  Thats a very broad question so we will just stick with Trout.  Now we have our hypothesis for the experiment. ...

David Roberts - Fishing with Jack Frost

Posted on Wednesday, 01/14/15 7:08 pm by cnull
FISHING WITH JACK FROST JANUARY 7, 2015 Old Man Winter is believed to be the person responsible for bringing the bitterness of winter. He is often thought of having a harsh personality, being short-tempered and having no problem covering the landscape with ice. Often though we forget about his son, Jack Frost, who is undisciplined, carefree and at times can be mischievous and rowdy. It takes a certain kind of person to run with Jack Frost, probably one with the same kind of personality, unruly and someone just crazy enough to join him! Winter is here in Texas and there is no doubt about ...

David Roberts - Winter Wonderland

Posted on Wednesday, 01/14/15 7:03 pm by cnull
WINTER WONDERLAND Mid December; Christmas lights are hung all throughout town and neighborhoods, presents are wrapped and tucked away under the tree and hot cocoa is the drink of choice, merely to stay warm during this harsh winter month. Not in Southeast Texas, no, here we are still sitting on our back porch drinking iced tea and enjoying a mild temperature day. Yes we have had a few cold snaps, but last weekend I was wearing sandals during the day and a light jacket at night. I am not complaining because the warmer weather mixed with the cooler water temperatures has made Sabine Lake a ...

David Roberts - Going Crazy

Posted on Wednesday, 01/14/15 6:58 pm by cnull
GOING CRAZY! “These walls are funny. First you hate ‘em, then you get used to ‘em.” These were words from Red, to his buddy Andy, in the famous movie “The Shawshank Redemption”. For those who have never seen it, the plot is about a man, Andy Dufresne, who has been wrongly accused of murder and is sent to Shawshank prison for life. After being stuck there, he goes crazy and escapes to his freedom. I have never been to prison and nor do I want to go but where I have been confined for the past 7 weeks is close enough. I have been stuck behind the gates of my employer only to gaze out towards a ...

David Roberts - MAKE IT COUNT

Posted on Monday, 10/13/14 5:42 pm by cnull
MAKE IT COUNT I often wonder if my time was limited in this world how I would spend my remaining days. I would like to think that I would be able to spend most, if not all of my time on the water because this is were I truly love to be. For a while now I have known this time was coming and there was no way to avoid it, but my job has forewarned me that all of October everyone was going to be working 7 days a week.This is a bummer because October is my favorite month to be on the water. The cooler temperatures of October starts to push bait out of the marsh and it makes finding fish ...

David Roberts - COMING SOON

Posted on Friday, 10/10/14 5:37 pm by cnull
COMING SOON Hell I do not even know where to start. I have not been on the water since Grand Isle and have not fished Sabine in probably 2 months. I have came up with every excuse in the world of why I should not go, been to hot, been busy, but they were all justifiable right? Last weekend I had spent my Saturday in Fulshear, Tx working a Kayak Demo Day for Fishing Tackle Unlimited. This was my first time to work an event like this but it was such a good time! Everyone from the area came out to get on a kayak and paddle around for a while. Some came to just bring their family to paddle ...

Chad Lyden: Sabine Lake 8/24/2014

Posted on Friday, 08/29/14 1:13 pm by cnull
I hit some Sabine Lake area marsh at daylight and found them right off the bat throwing a Bomber Badonk-A-Donk topwater just blind casting in some small ponds. As the sun started to come up the reds started crashing bait along the shoreline and in the middle of some of the bigger ponds and they got pretty skittish to blind casting with a topwater. I put the topwater away and went on the hunt for the reds that were visible and feeding, I started throwing a 3" white Gulp shrimp rigged on an Owner 1/16 oz Twist Lok 3/0 hook. As I started finding them crawling along the shoreline and pushing ...


Posted on Monday, 07/28/14 6:29 pm by cnull
I have never been one to believe in luck. Most good things that happen in ones life I believe you earn them, you make your own luck. Although, there is a exception to that rule and it implies to fisherman. The luck of a fisherman is inconceivable. Some days you catch your limits in just a few short cast and other times you cover miles of water with nothing but a sunburn to show for it. Catching fish is not the only thing that plays a factor for someones luck on the water. Mother Nature has a big part in this as well. One minute you praise her and the next you curse her. This past week, ...

Chad Lyden: Sabine Lake 7/13/14

Posted on Tuesday, 07/22/14 1:17 pm by cnull
I know this is a little late but I've had quite a bit going on in my off the water life here lately. So I hit my favorite marsh over here by the Sabine Lake area bright and early on a peaceful Sunday morning. Looking to find some Redfish and some quiet time to relax my brain and unwind from a long stressful week of work at the plant. I was not disappointed at all, from the time I hit the water until I returned to the launch it was a nonstop fishing frenzy. I found trout busting shad on my way back to the marsh and started catching them on small top waters until I finally got to the marsh ...
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David Roberts: DAYS TO LIVE FOR

Posted on Tuesday, 07/15/14 2:08 pm by cnull
Some people drive down to the coast just to relax with the salty wind in their face and listen to the sound of crashing waves. A majority of the year anyone can go to their local beach and find this. I do enjoy it and appreciate the wind on warmer fun filled trips, but this is not my favorite time to be there. I take great pleasure in standing knee deep in the water at first light and the only thing I can hear is the knocking of a topwater and the smack of a trout blowing it up. No crashing waves or salty wind are very rare days on the Texas coast. When they occur you have to take full ...
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David Roberts: First Time for Everything

Posted on Friday, 07/11/14 8:17 pm by cnull
When something is brought up in a conversation and that one event has never happened to you, sometimes the ole “Knock on Wood” trick does not work. I have spent countless hours on the water fishing and have had some close calls but I have never been hooked before. It is actually one of my worst fears, even though I surround myself with the hazard often. It all started with an early morning after a late night and I had wanted to try a new spot before a tournament on Saturday. Made my way to a flat and it looked good and was covered with lots of grass and structure. The first hour I had seen ...
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Todd Hart: White Bass at Livingston Dam

Posted on Monday, 05/12/14 3:20 pm by cnull
Sunday, 5/4/14 I took my wife to catch some white bass at the Lake Livingston dam. We stopped at Browder’s Marina and purchased our passes. We then launched at the spillway before making our way to the Trinity river side of the dam. My wife showed off her mighty muscles as she drug my 14′ Hobie Pro Angler down to the water. We slept in on this morning, therefore, arriving a bit later than normal. I believe this was a mistake as when I first got onto the actual river I landed a number of white bass instantly. My wife Kristen was a bit upset, at first blaming me for her lack of ...

Chad Lyden: Exploring New Marsh 5/10/14

Posted on Monday, 05/12/14 2:49 pm by cnull
So I know I haven't posted a lot of fishing reports this year but most of my time spent on the water has been on tournament days. Today me and my fellow pro staffer David Roberts decided to hit up some marsh that we have been eye balling for a couple of years now, so we made a plan for today and hit it. We arrived at the water this morning to light winds and heavy mosquitos both of which changed shortly after hitting the water. With the tides running higher than normal we concentrated our time running the shoreline chasing redfish crashing bait in the flooded grass. We couldn't get them ...

Chasing Triangle Tailchasers with Chad Lyden

Posted on Monday, 03/31/14 2:07 pm by cnull
It's finally that time of year again, time to chase redfish in the marsh. So that's what we did, me and my partner David Roberts hit the marsh around Sabine lake on Saturday looking for some redfish. We were fishing the Triangle Tailchasers tournament and hadn't been in the marsh for months, so we just gambled on a spot we know holds fish. Hit the water around 6 A.M. and made the paddle back into the marsh to find plenty of bait in the water and an out going tide with a little bit of WNW wind. We started out throwing topwaters and I had a redfish hit a Bomber Badonka Donk ...

Chad Lyden: Sabine Lake Trout Tournament

Posted on Tuesday, 03/25/14 1:39 pm by cnull
Well i haven't posted very many fishing reports this year but I hoping that's all about to change. My partner David Roberts and I hit the water of Sabine Lake at 6 A.M. on a Sunday morning for a speckled trout tournament. We weren't feeling all that confident about this tournament because neither of us had really seen a trout hit the kayak in weeks but hey we were going to give it hell anyways. So we leave the launch and paddle straight for the spot we intend to start fishing at and there is plenty of bait in the water so that is a plus and things are already ...

Lots of Wind and Even More Buffalo

Posted on Thursday, 03/20/14 5:09 pm by cnull
Wednesday, 3-12-14 I had a chance to fish with a former wrestler of mine. It’s been a while since he was on the team. As matter of fact, It’s been a while since he graduated from high school as he is now a dentist and often  to busy to hang out. However, he had a free day over spring break. The weather forecast was rough with 30 plus mph winds. He has limited days to fish and this was his only free day so we decided to “suck it up” and look for a place to fish I thought would be sheltered from the wind. We hit the Lake Livingston Dam.  We arrived late in the morning and people were ...

Fishing in Lake Fayett with Todd Hart

Posted on Wednesday, 03/12/14 8:01 pm by cnull
After a good trip two days prior, I decided to return to Lake Fayette. It is roughly 80 west of Houston. It is a short drive I can easily make from Katy, Texas. I like to launch on the north side of the lake in Oak Thicket Park. The weather had been cold for two days and it must have sent the fish into hiding. They made me work much harder to land the fish I need for the Kayakwar’s online fishing tournament. I still managed to land a few. I found these fish in roughly the same spot as the trip two days earlier. The first bass was a bit short. I did manage to land two fish large enough ...

You can never have too many trout

Posted on Tuesday, 01/07/14 5:08 pm by cnull
I decided to sign up for a fun online tournament hosted on 321fish.com. The tournament was setup for Texaskayakfisherman.com members. The tournament runs from Dec 1st – Jan 15th. This is a busy time of year for me with teaching, coaching and the Houston Boat show all coming up. I decided to use the few days I have available and apply them towards the tournament. I met up with a few friends at an undisclosed bay system along the mid-Texas coast that usually puts out some hefty trout. We launched shortly after sun rise and made our way out to the desired reef. As usual we were searching for ...

New Year Fishing Trip

Posted on Monday, 01/06/14 2:37 pm by cnull
I hope everybody had a Happy New Year. I started my new year off doing something a little different. If you have read any of my past reports then you know how much I love chasing redfish in the marsh but on 1-1-2014 I was chasing trout on the flats of Sabine Lake. I get a call from my friend and fishing partner David Roberts of team Lamar University, telling me that he has found some flats on Sabine holding plenty of quality size trout and we decide to meet up and see if we can't pull some more in. We met at an undisclosed spot around 8 AM got unloaded and hit the water for a short ...

12-14-13 with Todd Hart

Posted on Friday, 12/27/13 3:24 pm by cnull
Sunday afternoon (12/14/13) we packed up and pointed the truck towards Keith Lake.  This area is one of my favorite places when trying to hide from a north wind. When first arriving I worked a top water over some shallow shell. This area has produced well recently, but not today. No fish were even slightly interested. I worked my way out into some deeper water and still had no luck. I explored for a while.  I saw some birds working in the distance and high tailed it general direction. The birds kept moving away. And all they left behind was one small blow up. After a while ...
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Reunited with The Water from Chad Lyden

Posted on Monday, 12/23/13 4:57 pm by cnull
Well I finally made it back out on the water for the first time in awhile. I hit the the launch at TX bayou there south of Sabine Pass at about 6:30, the wind was calm and tide was going out so and I had a few little short rain showers blow through. With the tide falling I concentrated on the drains coming out of the marsh as I worked my way down the bayou. I stayed in the main bayou heading down stopping to fish all the drains, I was throwing a Chicken on a Chain Bass Assasin on 1/8oz Yellow Mouth jig head and a white Buggs bonefish jig. I caught several reds, both ...
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Texas BTB 11/9

Posted on Friday, 11/22/13 5:31 pm by cnull
Saturday (11/9/13) I decided to make a trip to McFaddin beach.  The forecast called for 2′ waves. The wind was supposed to 10 mph or less. It sounded like a very doable day to break through the surf and chase some big reds. I awoke early with every intention of hitting the water as the sun came up. Unfortunately, I woke up to a nasty migraine.  I hit snooze a few times and waited for some medicine to kick in. I finally decided to load up on coffee and make the trip. By the time, I arrived at the Seapony Bait Shop in Winnie, TX my headache began  to go away. Rick the ...

Oct. 27: Matagorda Morning Slam

Posted on Wednesday, 11/06/13 3:16 pm by cnull
The forecast called for rain and wind.  I decided to fish early in case the weather got bad and forced me off of the water. I launched at approximately 5AM. The sun was not scheduled to rise until 7:00. The first hour was hot and humid. The mosquitos were thick. The fish would not cooperate. The second hour was a steady down pour. It was a wall of rain drops. The next couple hours were prefect conditions. The first fish did not bite until after the rains. It was a nice 20″ trout that nailed my top water plug with the speed of a torpedo. He fought briefly and around 7:30AM I ...
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Schooling Trout

Posted on Monday, 10/28/13 3:11 pm by cnull
Saturday evening (10-26-13), I packed up my yak and my small camper trailer and headed for the coast.  My wife gave me the OK to fish both Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. Her orders were to be home Sunday afternoon so off I went. “Gotta keep momma happy.” I meet up with my fellow “Anglers Elite” team member, Grant, at approx. 3:30 pm. He had already scored a 20″ trout. The wind was strong and the first few hours were a struggle for me. I landed only a couple of small schooling trout. Kayakwar’s points only count when trout equal 20″ or greater. These small ...
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Evening Fishing in Matagorda

Posted on Thursday, 10/24/13 2:25 pm by cnull
I hit the water around 4 pm. Other kayakers were calling it quits. I was excited to just be beginning. I was anxious to try my luck with top water plugs right at sunset. Within minutes I hooked a nice flounder. He bit on a pearl and chartreuse Category 5 Shrimp minnow. A few minutes later I found a school of hungry trout. They were all barely legal. After landing a few I decided to move on in search of bigger prey. They too, bit on the Shrimp Minnow. I spent some time searching for flounder. I was not successful. I saw some reds, however my Kayakwar’s team had ...
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