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Oct. 27: Matagorda Morning Slam

Posted Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

The forecast called for rain and wind.  I decided to fish early in case the weather got bad and forced me off of the water. I launched at approximately 5AM. The sun was not scheduled to rise until 7:00.

The first hour was hot and humid. The mosquitos were thick. The fish would not cooperate. The second hour was a steady down pour. It was a wall of rain drops. The next couple hours were prefect conditions.

The first fish did not bite until after the rains. It was a nice 20″ trout that nailed my top water plug with the speed of a torpedo. He fought briefly and around 7:30AM I landed my first fish.

 photo d3cec490-924d-4647-b630-9b65661bfa91_zps9e859da4.jpg

After a few more casts in the same area, I realized the fish must have gotten spooked and moved on. I followed suit and continued my hunt in other areas. I began working a grass line hoping to find some flounder. I soon hooked up on a small slot red using a Category 5 Shrimp Minnow.

I continued working the same grass-line, throwing the same soft plastic and soon landed a nice flounder. And just like that: one, two, three fish. I had my Texas slam. (Legal trout, flounder and red.)

 photo 69cb2019-ddb3-4100-865b-2a9846b2ec81_zps4dd97bef.jpg

The prefect weather suddenly changed as a storm front moved in. I was all of sudden faced with more rain and strong winds. The waves got rough and the fishing got rougher.  I decided to hide behind a point and drift an area that covers a few reefs. I switched back to my top-water plug.

During one of my retrieves through the big waves I saw a large splash and felt my pole double over. The drag started ripping and I knew I hooked a nice sized trout. The fight was heightened by the strong winds and rough conditions, but I eventually landed this nice trout.

 photo a770d063-4963-482b-8471-9a875d373162_zps1cd9cc59.jpg

 photo 3da83840-abfe-4ddf-bf6f-3d88c9a58082_zpsbcc4fd5c.jpg

I CPR’ed (Catch, photo and released) the fish and tried the drift one more time. The conditions did not change and the fish once again did not cooperate. I decided to call it a day. I loaded up and spent the remainder of the day with the family.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart