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New Fishing Spot Needed

Posted Friday, July 12, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Friday 7/5/13 I hit the surf at McFaddin Beach again. I was searching for red fish, bull reds. However, I found nothing but sharks. The water was nice when I arrived. There were a couple of nice breakers but they were spaced far a part, making for a pretty easy launch. Once past the breakers the water was pretty flat. I made my first stop at 13′. I sat for about 45 minutes with out so much as a run. I had cut mullet on one line and whole crab on the other. I moved into 11′. I waited another 30-40 minutes with not even a click. No runs, so I pulled anchor and moved up to 8-9′. No action was to be found here either. However, just a couple hundred yards in towards shoreI could see bait hitting the surface. There were dark clouds of sandy water behind the bait. I moved up towards the excitement. I casted into the nervous bait with a Rat-l-trap and soon hooked up on a nice sized menhaden. My next cast I hooked into something much larger. It ripped drag and then bite through my steel leader. Probably a decent shark. I fished here for a while but caught only small sharks and gaft-top. I decided to head deeper. I dropped anchor in 15′ and soon hooked up on a nice shark (pictured below). I went back to my anchor and hooked a couple of others. One of the sharks was caught on the menhaden I had caught earlier.  photo 1361f954-9624-4c4b-ab8c-9ab069d16fd4_zps38ad854c.jpg It seems my main bull red site has been invaded by sharks. There were no reds to be found. It looks like I may have to find a new location.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart