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Mr. & Mrs. Todd Hart Winning Big at Yak Attach Tournament

Posted Wednesday, October 2, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

This is the 2nd time I have fished in the Yak Attack tournament hosted in Rockport, TX. It is a very fun event designed to be a good time for all. I decided to take my wife to the event this season, as it offers a variety of opportunities and fun prizes. Unlike most tournaments, since this is a fundraising event, live bait is permitted.

My wife and I left our home around 3:30 pm Friday and drove to the check in. We pulled in at approximately 6:30pm, just in time to eat and be part of the pre-tournament drawings. The food was good and fun was had by all.

We decided to camp at the Fin and Feather in Aransas Pass so we could fish Stedman’s Reef in the morning. We woke up to howling winds. The wind and water were a bit to rough for my wife so I decided to take her to the leeward side of Hog Island. This would provide shelter from the wind and waves.

Once there, we found a few small trout. I had a bit of dead mullet and threw on a piece. I was hoping for a nice over-sized redfish or a large hard-head. There is a “No Respect” prize for the fish closest in percentage to a current state record. The state record for a hard-head is only 23″ so I figured that would be my best bet at winning this division. I caught no redfish, but did manage to hook a nice sized hard-head measuring 15.75″. This is 68% of the state record.

 photo 1b32bd5d-53a9-42f3-a2eb-2b3e4633d136_zps8aa73c0f.jpg

My wife, Kristen was throwing a red Gulp Swimming Mullet under a popping cork. I wasn’t sure this would work but it landed her two redfish. Her largest was 24″.

 photo df851c2b-edcb-4d48-833a-2a911e98d9e9_zps10a3a46e.jpg

 photo 0d86fc19-e583-4913-999b-b8f82dc9937b_zpsc14c3972.jpg

We continued fishing.  We moved to another island to hide behind.  We fished along the edge of the barge. We found no fish there. We decided to move to a point that has produced trout for me in the past. Once arriving we were greeted with strong winds and unruly waves, so we moved on again.

Along the way, I landed a lizard fish.

 photo 4d3ed2e6-f70b-4ee0-90af-9a03cca3e3e0_zpsb25f24db.jpg

Kristen caught a weird-looking puffer fish.

 photo f363ccb5-0aa2-4d73-9f42-8169cd1d8ff4_zps721dfb9c.jpg

At this point, we saw a slick pop up. A slick sometime means feeding trout. I chased the slick around for a bit and landed a few trout. I finally landed one measuring 16.2″. Small trout were plentiful.

 photo 739d188b-09f9-4e01-bf44-5e92cfe23174_zps748667bd.jpg

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Our time was running out so we headed back to the tournament check-in. We got there shortly before the deadline.  Once again the food was good and there were tons of drawings and prizes. (We won a drawing and received an Igloo cooler full of fishing goodies.) After the score board was updated for the last time this is what we saw. I was on the board twice. However, being a charity event each individual is only qualified to receive an award for one event.

 photo 5b3d3196-4468-479d-b61c-fcbd5ad7bb56_zps657aad17.jpg

The tournament director was quick in tallying the final results. He finished much earlier than his goal. The good company, the drawings and the beautiful landscape made the time pass quickly. We were surrounded by a bunch of hungry hummingbirds during the event. They were quite entertaining. We managed one nice picture.

 photo 082a4724-60b0-4c9e-bb83-8e10b9d8ae23_zpsbce41975.jpg

When the final standing were announced my wife Kristen was shocked to find herself in 3rd place in the Ladies Division.

 photo 827c3718-d5c4-4f32-8791-3b411b794b06_zps3e654e8d.jpg

She won a new TFO rod, a crystal bowl, along with the plaque for her accomplishment.

 photo 257c9601-db48-4cd2-a39e-cd9db6ae0403_zpsac4b56ab.jpg

She was very proud of her shiny new plaque.

I could have placed 2nd in trout division, but the rules stated you could only win in one category. Therefore, I was awarded 1st place in the “No Respect” division. The prize for 1st place in this division was greater than the 2nd place prizes in the trout division so I really can’t complain. (It’s just a little embarrassing winning a prize for a hard-head.)

 photo 827c3718-d5c4-4f32-8791-3b411b794b06_zps3e654e8d.jpg

My prizes included a new rod by TFO, a Shimano reel and a new plaque to add to my collection. The event was a success.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we will definitely participate again next year.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart