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Morning Top Trout with Captain Todd

Posted Monday, August 5, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

I decided to make another quick run to Galveston’s west bay. The trout bite was good a couple of days earlier so I thought I would try my luck again. A couple of my friends got an earlier start. I decided to sleep-in until 3:30AM. This would put me on the water right before sun up. I did stop on my way to pick up a dozen live croaker. I arrived at my destination about 10 minutes after the sun rise. My two friends were already fishing and one of them had already landed a nice 25″ trout. I decided to drift the reef-like structure and focus on using my favorite top-water lure,  the proven pink skitterwalk. Just after a couple of casts I landed this 23.4″ trout.

 photo cbc92ebb-1911-434f-8423-6ccc063b4634_zps0a83a306.jpg

I continued my drift, landing 3 more trout. All pictured below and all landed with my pink skitterwalk.

 photo fa874325-db8c-41e7-a87f-50fb39364497_zps4c066d80.jpg

 photo 92428c44-6563-4a7a-8d34-11f9dd47108b_zpsde122d52.jpg

 photo e0eb9c1d-3c0b-4dd1-8d88-8d6d5f2383f2_zpsf06910cd.jpg

I missed a few others. One of which I lost right at the boat while trying to net the fish.  After I drifted the length of the reef-like structure I stopped and threw out a live croaker. I sat for about 15 minutes with no bites. I decided to pedal back and make the drift again. I trolled back using my Vudu shrimp. This produced no bites.  Once I reached a good location, I stopped and began throwing my pink skitterwalk once again. The wind had picked up and the sun was much higher in the horizon. The fish no longer seemed interested in what I had to throw. My friends were heading out to another reef. I decided to try to catch up. I followed them, (trolling) for what seemed like a couple of miles before I finally caught up. On the way, I only picked up one fish and it was just a lady fish. I did run across a rather deep hole. I noted it’s location for future use. Once I reached my friends, they told me they had no luck on this particular reef. I decided to troll back to that deep hole I found earlier. On the way, something big nailed my Vudu shrimp. It ripped out drag, but the fight was short as it spit the hook. I finally reached the deep hole. At this point the sun was high and rays were warm. I sat for a couple of miserable minutes in the hot letting a croaker swim about. I had no luck. I decided to get out of the blistering sun. On my back, I trolled a Vudu shrimp and an “Electric Chicken” colored soft plastic.  I picked up a couple of 15-17″ trout. This ended my day. I loaded up and made the long trip home.

It was a good day. I did catch my personal best trout.  It was just over 26″. I know it’s not huge by many people’s standards, but it is my largest to date.

 photo 1ae1f9f8-3bad-411a-9609-1b540b256ce2_zps15e8381a.jpg

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart