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Low Tides at Matagorda

Posted Monday, July 29, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

 photo ea90a5b1-07fb-4ad9-9aa9-90da56e9783a_zpsf077248c.jpg

I hit Matagorda Bay early Wednesday morning. I launched just before sunrise from the Rawlings Bait Camp cut.  The tide was very low. It was so low I had to use a combination of  paddling and flutter pedaling. I hit my normal spots. I spent an about an hour to hour and half throwing top waters and bouncing jigs in holes that normally produce all three Texas sport fish (Speckled trout, red fish and Flounder). During that time I did not get so much as a blow up or any bite for that matter. I moved on to other spots. Along the way, I was able to pick up this little flounder. He bit on a Gulp Mantis Shrimp in pearl and chartreuse.

 photo 6d7673e2-f1bc-42b1-91f2-dd794c58efa8_zps904820b5.jpg

I then found some smaller trout that were barely legal. They bit on the Vudu Shrimp.

 photo 38f72d56-e9e5-4a80-91d6-d29526a0deb3_zps297813d7.jpg

Finally, I found a shallow cove filled with redfish.  I could see the reds tailing from a distance. Their backs were exposed and bait was jumping out of their way as they swam by. The water was so shallow I had to pole my way back into the recesses of the cove using my 8′ Park-n-Pole supplied by Yak-Attack. I saw so many reds and was not able to entice them to bite.  I spent about two hours trying everything I could think of. After awhile I began literally throwing the baits right at the redfish.  They would swim a couple of feet and then just stop and continue their track back and forth along the grass. I did manage to catch another flounder while trying to hook a red.

 photo 10f81dff-e813-4aa7-b647-d630e3d0cd95_zps6965306e.jpg

I gave up on the reds and worked my way back to my first stop. I caught a few more small trout along the way.

 photo 45fea8bb-7ccf-4a2b-8791-88c91ff63818_zps923fbd77.jpg

Again they were biting the Vudu Shrimp. When I got to my first stop from the morning the tide had come in slightly and I could see more action in the water. I landed a few undersized rat reds and then decided to work my way back to the truck as it was getting unbearably hot. Just before entering the long narrow channel leading to my truck I caught one last flounder. He was the largest of the day. I didnít really set the world on fire but I managed a handful of keeper sized fish.  I always seem to struggle in Matagorda when the tide is extremely low.


Todd Hart