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Kayak Fishing Blog

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Todd and Todd in McFaddin Beach

Posted on Tuesday, 10/15/13 2:09 pm by cnull
Sunday, 10/13/13, I met up with Todd Schaeffer from Fishing Tackle Unlimited. He is in the kayak sales and service department at the I-45 and Beltway 8 store found in Southern Houston. If you need help with a kayak, he’s your man. We met on McFaddin Beach around 8:30 AM. We unloaded our equipment and within a short time we pedaled out beyond the breaking surf. Todd normally fishes out of a Jackson Cuda and I talked him into trying out my wife’s Hobie Outback. We each made it through the surf pretty easily. We first stopped and fished in about 11-12′ of water. We had a few ...
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Trout, Trout and more Trout

Posted on Tuesday, 10/08/13 4:17 pm by cnull
Saturday (10/5/13)  I met some of my “Anger’s Elite” team members for a day of fishing in Matagorda Bay. I arrived shortly after sun rise. My friends headed for the marsh in search of flounder and reds. I chose to head out to some deeper reefs in search of trout. On my out to the water, I saw a tailing red. A couple of casts later I caught this little guy. I started with a top water lure, but with little to no wind the trout didn’t seem interested. I switched to a Vudu Shrimp and that seemed to be the ticket.  I caught a number of trout ranging from 16″ to 20.5″. ...
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Ending to a Fun Tournament Season

Posted on Tuesday, 10/08/13 1:56 pm by cnull
Well I made it to my all time favorite marsh, down by Sabine Lake, yet again this weekend for some redfish chasing. Luckily we are in the split for duck season so I was able to hit some of my favorite marsh in search of redfish, without being shot for scaring ducks. Thank god! I hit the water Friday morning to do some searching for a tournament I was participating in that next morning. I wasn't looking to catch a bunch of fish, just wanted to see if there were any to be had. Once I hit the water at about 6:30 a.m., I made the paddle back into the marsh, which would be at an abnormally high ...
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Battling Through Rough Waters and Stormy Weather

Posted on Friday, 10/04/13 4:11 pm by cnull
A new month arrived, giving me the chance to score “Kayakwars” points once again for red fish. I had a day off from work and hit the surf on October 1st. My destination was McFaddin Beach. I stopped at the Seapony Bait & Tackle shop to pick up some supplies and bait. This time of year you can only purchase mullet under 12″ in length. The sky was looking a bit stormy so I hung out at the Seapony for a bit. Rick, the owner made me some leaders while I waited. I finally hit the road and made my way to the beach. I was forced to wait another 45 minutes or so for the storm to pass. ...

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Hart Winning Big at Yak Attach Tournament

Posted on Wednesday, 10/02/13 3:14 pm by cnull
This is the 2nd time I have fished in the Yak Attack tournament hosted in Rockport, TX. It is a very fun event designed to be a good time for all. I decided to take my wife to the event this season, as it offers a variety of opportunities and fun prizes. Unlike most tournaments, since this is a fundraising event, live bait is permitted. My wife and I left our home around 3:30 pm Friday and drove to the check in. We pulled in at approximately 6:30pm, just in time to eat and be part of the pre-tournament drawings. The food was good and fun was had by all. We decided to camp at the ...
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Eventful Weekend for Chad Lyden

Posted on Monday, 09/30/13 4:40 pm by cnull
What an awesome weekend spent paddling around the marsh of South East TX. So I hit the water Friday in search of some tournament fish for an upcoming Lone Star Kayak Series tournament but all I managed to find was high water, east winds and three little redfish that were extremely hungry for my Gulp! Shrimp, hanging under a popping cork. Saturday was one of the best days I've had on the water in a really long time. I had the honor of being invited by Joe Winston with Heroes On The Water to help out with a group of our military veterans he was bringing from Houston to fish some backwater ...

Bad Weather Can't Stop Todd Hart

Posted on Thursday, 09/26/13 2:17 pm by cnull
The forecast last weekend (9/21/13) called for thunderstorms with high winds, especially along the gulf coast. I still wanted to fish. The bad forecast would not force me to hide under the covers. I woke up early and headed for Lake Fayette. I would target some bass. I launched and hit my normal places. My first few stops were a bust, with not so much as a bite. I continued searching and switched to a dark-colored popper (top-water lure). After a couple of hours I found a patch of cattails that seemed to be hiding some bass. I casted the popper and worked it back to the kayak. I ...
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Late Afternoons with Todd Hart

Posted on Monday, 09/16/13 3:50 pm by cnull
I find myself in a mild dilemma. My “Kayakwars.com” team, “Angler’s Elite” is in 1st place for the S.E. Region of the United States. On the very first day of the month we reached our quota of 50 redfish per month. This is causing us to broaden our fishing strategy.  We are forced to fish for different species and in new locations. Wednesday, I left work at 3:20pm and headed for Lake Fayette to target some bass. I launched at approximately 5:00pm. The weather was warm and the water was warmer. The bass were hard to come by. I did manage to land three, all of which were caught on a Cotton ...

Sept. 13 - Chad Lyden

Posted on Monday, 09/16/13 3:17 pm by cnull
Well teal season starts tomorrow so I decided to get a jump on all the crazies and go fishing this morning. I hit the marsh around Sabine Pass for some fishing. I wanted to explore a new area of the marsh that I had never been in. I launched shortly after sunrise into what would be higher than normal water levels, which seems to be the norm this year. I pushed off and got on my way into searching some new marsh. I fished my way down along a bayou, winding through marsh and then back to some ponds. There I found plenty of lower slot redfish that were eager to eat a white 3" Gulp! shrimp ...
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Sunday Morning with Chad Lyden

Posted on Tuesday, 09/03/13 3:46 pm by cnull
So I decided to hit the marsh this morning and see if I could find some redfish for dinner and/or possibly some flounder. I hit the water at daylight and made my way into the marsh to find the water higher than normal. The wind was blowing out of the west. I didn't figure to have much luck with the water level being up like that but I ended up finding a bunch of fish that were hungry for Topwaters. I started out by throwing a Bone Silver Super Spook Jr. When the wind picked up a little more I switched to a Redfish colored Skitterwalk. As the morning passed, the Topwater bite turned off so I ...
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Chasing Pelicans with Todd Hart

Posted on Tuesday, 08/27/13 2:00 pm by cnull
Saturday morning (8-25-13) I fished with a couple of buddies in Matagorda Bay. We launched right at sun up, approximately 6:00AM. The tide was very high. It was probably the highest I have seen it all year. I drifted slowly, working my way to our location. I was casting my favorite top-water lure, a pink Skitterwalk. The fish had no interest in my bait. My two buddies both stopped and fished a reef we often visit. One of the them landed a nice 24″ trout and other caught a nice flounder. I worked my way around the marsh and approached the reef from the far side. I still had no ...
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Father-Son Bonding with Todd Hart

Posted on Monday, 08/19/13 8:58 pm by cnull
Let me start with a quick apology.  I took a week off from fishing for a well deserved anniversary trip with my wife.  We spent the week in Cozumel. It was a fun time with much relaxation. I came back to Texas recharged and ready to fish. I got off the plane, raced home and readied my equipment for a morning run to East Matagorda Bay. My son is getting ready to go back to college so I wanted to get him out on the water for a father/son outing. I bought my boy a quart of shrimp on the way. We arrived at the launch site just before sun rise. My good friend, Grant, was ...

Chad Lyden: Lone Star Kayak Series Cont.

Posted on Monday, 08/19/13 7:08 pm by cnull
Oh man the redfish action in the marsh is on fire right now and the reds are getting fat on shad. I fished on some of my favorite marsh Friday (8/16/13) looking for some redfish for a kayak tournament. The weather was perfect and the water level was right where I like it. I spent a lot of time paddling and looking verses casting and catching but I did manage a few solid 7 & 8 lbs fish on a Super Spook Jr so I knew I had my tournament spot picked out. I found fish feeding on schools of small shad and chasing small shrimp along the grass lines so I knew I needed to scale down my baits. ...

Captain Chad: New Personal Best

Posted on Monday, 08/05/13 3:53 pm by cnull
I had an epic day in the marsh around Sabine Lake chasing redfish in my Native Watercraft kayak.  I decided that I was going to hit a spot that I had never fished but have been eye balling for some time now. I hit the water around 6 A.M. and made my way into the marsh to the first pond and found lots of bait activity and started seeing signs of redfish. I tried throwing a topwater but couldn't get any takers so I switched to a Mann's Waker Crankbait and that did the trick. I caught one of the biggest redfish I've ever caught it was about 32" - 34" long and weighed around 13 1/2 ...
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Morning Top Trout with Captain Todd

Posted on Monday, 08/05/13 1:55 pm by cnull
I decided to make another quick run to Galveston’s west bay. The trout bite was good a couple of days earlier so I thought I would try my luck again. A couple of my friends got an earlier start. I decided to sleep-in until 3:30AM. This would put me on the water right before sun up. I did stop on my way to pick up a dozen live croaker. I arrived at my destination about 10 minutes after the sun rise. My two friends were already fishing and one of them had already landed a nice 25″ trout. I decided to drift the reef-like structure and focus on using my favorite top-water lure,  the ...
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Low Tides at Matagorda

Posted on Monday, 07/29/13 8:08 pm by cnull
I hit Matagorda Bay early Wednesday morning. I launched just before sunrise from the Rawlings Bait Camp cut.  The tide was very low. It was so low I had to use a combination of  paddling and flutter pedaling. I hit my normal spots. I spent an about an hour to hour and half throwing top waters and bouncing jigs in holes that normally produce all three Texas sport fish (Speckled trout, red fish and Flounder). During that time I did not get so much as a blow up or any bite for that matter. I moved on to other spots. Along the way, I was able to pick up this little flounder. He bit on a ...

Sabine Lake with Chad Lyden

Posted on Thursday, 07/25/13 2:00 pm by cnull
So after 3 months of very few days off I finally had the chance to put my kayak in the water and chase some redfish in the marsh in the Sabine Lake area. So as I prepare to slide my Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 in the water I find the water level higher than normal and an incoming tide, very little wind and slick as glass water. I paddle up the bayou where I'll be fishing, making a few casts with a Super Spook Jr along the way, I had one good blow up on the topwater along the bayou. I get to the marsh flats where I want to start looking for tailing fish and there ...
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*EXCLUSIVE* Power-Pole Micro Anchor

Posted on Wednesday, 07/24/13 8:30 pm by cnull
ICast 2013 was full of new and innovative products to make your fishing experience that much easier.  Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchor unveiled their ultra swift, ultra silent, ultra secure and ultra small new Micro Anchor. This light weight anchor is perfect for any shallow water fishing and for any vessel of your choosing. Installing the anchor is super easy. Removal or transfer to another boat is just as simple. The all-new, all electric powerhouse has the ability to pair with C-Monster controllers. Any ľ” spike is compatible. This new technology is sure to make your fishing experience ...

*EXCLUSIVE* Jackson Kayak Big Rig

Posted on Wednesday, 07/24/13 5:36 pm by cnull
This year at ICast 2013, Jackson Kayak revealed their new kayak prototype.  The Big Rig is a single person SOT designed for remarkable stability for stand-up kayak fishing. They have reviewed the various Jackson Kayak models and incorporated all the best from all of them, but still introducing some new ones. It is compatible with the Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder and Power-Pole Micro stake out systems. The Big Rig is expected to be release just in time for Spring 2014.
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New Fishing Spot Needed

Posted on Friday, 07/12/13 8:03 pm by cnull
Friday 7/5/13 I hit the surf at McFaddin Beach again. I was searching for red fish, bull reds. However, I found nothing but sharks. The water was nice when I arrived. There were a couple of nice breakers but they were spaced far a part, making for a pretty easy launch. Once past the breakers the water was pretty flat. I made my first stop at 13′. I sat for about 45 minutes with out so much as a run. I had cut mullet on one line and whole crab on the other. I moved into 11′. I waited another 30-40 minutes with not even a click. No runs, so I pulled anchor and moved up to ...

McFaddin /Crystal Beach

Posted on Monday, 07/01/13 3:36 pm by cnull
Both Sharks and Redfish are biting really good right now at McFaddin Beach. The bite has been good between 11’ and 13’ of water. Look for the color change. The Redfish tend to be hanging out in the dirty water while the sharks seem to be biting better in the clearer water.  When the clean water is close to the shore try fishing as shallow as 6-8’. Redfish tend to like the dirtier water as it gives them cover from the feeding sharks. Redfish are biting good on cut mullet. Use roughly 4” chucks on a size 10 circle hook. Use a leader, no weight required. Sharks are biting on mullet, rays, ...

Sharks and Red Bulls with Captain Todd Hart

Posted on Friday, 06/28/13 4:48 pm by cnull
Some friends of mine were making the trip to McFaddin beach, Saturday 6/22/13. Their goal was to target big shouldered, hard pullin’ Bull Reds. I figured I would make the trip and join in the fun as well. I woke up early, loaded up the kayak and other gear and hit the road just before sun up. I stopped at my usual bait and tackle stop in Winnie Texas, The Sea Pony. Rick, the owner is always helpful and has all the bait and supplies you would ever need. I was probably the last of the group to launch. I loaded up and hit the waves. I made sure this time I had my paddle secure. As soon ...

Saltwater Boys 1st Annual Charity Red Fish Tournament by Chad Lyen

Posted on Wednesday, 06/19/13 4:15 pm by cnull
I had the pleasure of fishing in the Saltwater Boys 1st Annual Charity Red Fish Tournament Sat, May 4th. I partnered with Tom Stubblefield, Texas Kayak Fisherman, and David Roberts, member of Lamar University fishing team.  We were the only kayak team out of 34 teams. We took our two smallest fish of the day to weigh in.  One was 27 15/16" and 8.55 lbs  The other fish ended up relaxing a little to much in the live and ended up being 1/16" too long, although it weighed close to 9lbs.  The tournament was won with 16.44 lbs. We caught all our fish back in the marsh ...


Posted on Tuesday, 06/18/13 3:12 pm by cnull
The new SUPerFISHal from Jackson Kayak is revolutionizing the way of stand up paddling.  The SUPer stability and straight line will excite any fisherman.  The screw in technology and removable deck organizer will ensure that any and all of your equipment will be secured.  With the unique rod protectors lining both sides prevents any damage to your most valuable rod.  With rolled edges, even when the water makes your kayak tip back and forth too much, you can be confident that nothing will be rolling off because nobody likes to be forced into chasing after those fallen ...

Bass Fishing in a Kayak

Posted on Saturday, 04/07/12 2:01 pm by cnull
The world of kayak fishing personalities is fairly small although ecletic. One of the most entertaining and informative to watch is Chad Hoover, Kayak Bassin TV on YouTube. Chad has recently started filming a new Kayak Bass Fishing show on NBCSports: Knot Right Kayak Fishing , featuring bass crazy Chad Hoover. The show debuts on March 30, airing in the same 1 pm eastern / 10 am Pacific time slot as Seaguar's Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge , which ends its run the prior week. Here's the trailer to the new show: You won't want to miss a look at how Chad uses his Wilderness Systems ...
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