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‹ Sabine to Southwest Louisiana with Capt Bruce Baugh

Galveston Boys go to Calcasieu

I recently had Galveston Bay Pros, Bob Hardy and Maurice Estlinbaum come down looking for a topwater bite. Fishing from the boat was out of the question as these guys just do not fish out of the the boat. Wade fishing was the game plan and we headed to an area adjacent to the ship channel. We jumped out of the boat into a flat teaming with rafts of shad with the occasional jumping mullet.  The water temperature was pushing 90 degrees and felt a little like a hottub.We had a good in coming tide with a lot of active bait and it was dead calm. It all looked good as we spread out on the flat.
I then heard a fish blow up on Bobs topwater and turned to see him bowed up. At this time it was Maurices turn and I could see him bowed up again, again, and again. I had enough and yelled at Maurice. What are you throwing? He said a super spook jr, chrome/blueback. Bob then replied, I am throwing the jr. also. I was throwing the full size spooks and they were blowing up on my lure or spitting at it, but they would not eat it. I then made the switch to the jr. and on my first cast a trout nailed my super spook jr.
We thru topwaters all day long and never switched, even at noon when a lot of people switch to soft plastics. Trout will eat topwaters all day long and its way more exciting. I think the trout were actually feeding on the shad or pogeys and the jrs. were about their size. Match the hatch is the old saying. The jrs. are a whole lot easier to throw all day and they do not work on old elbows and shoulders as bad.
Bob and Maurice went back to Texas with a couple bags of fillets up to 2 or 3 lbs, nothing big, but we got a bunch of blows ups and near misses. Try down sizing your topwaters, sometimes it may payoff.      Take a look at my updated website...  tidelinechartersllc    Good Fishin, Capt Bruce Tide Line Charters Calcasieu Lake Capt Bruce Baugh 337-660-1814