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Fishing in Lake Fayett with Todd Hart

Posted Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

After a good trip two days prior, I decided to return to Lake Fayette. It is roughly 80 west of Houston. It is a short drive I can easily make from Katy, Texas.

 photo caf5ed9a-1b10-4cfa-bda1-a24bb18eb172_zps94677d33.jpg

I like to launch on the north side of the lake in Oak Thicket Park.

 photo 8524cbbd-088b-4fe5-8a5c-996d800bf81b_zps4c5e14c4.jpg

The weather had been cold for two days and it must have sent the fish into hiding. They made me work much harder to land the fish I need for the Kayakwar’s online fishing tournament.

I still managed to land a few. I found these fish in roughly the same spot as the trip two days earlier. The first bass was a bit short.

 photo cb33fbf7-3013-4f04-8c45-2b720ec24e42_zps46c44fac.jpg

I did manage to land two fish large enough to count. They are pictured below.

 photo 0d1d8c01-be0b-474f-9072-ba8a5914f635_zpsb4b9a689.jpg

Four fish were caught in shallow water using the same Cotton Cordelle suspension bait I used earlier in the week. The largest of the five fish came on a curly tail worm behind a split shot in roughly 9′ of water.

 photo f467a058-94df-4b0d-b106-ef99882e450d_zpsfdd62ad5.jpg

It wasn’t the most productive of evenings, but points were still scored. When the weather finally warms up the fishing should be good. The spawn is right around the corner.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart