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Father-Son Bonding with Todd Hart

Posted Monday, August 19, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Let me start with a quick apology.  I took a week off from fishing for a well deserved anniversary trip with my wife.  We spent the week in Cozumel. It was a fun time with much relaxation. I came back to Texas recharged and ready to fish.

I got off the plane, raced home and readied my equipment for a morning run to East Matagorda Bay. My son is getting ready to go back to college so I wanted to get him out on the water for a father/son outing. I bought my boy a quart of shrimp on the way. We arrived at the launch site just before sun rise. My good friend, Grant, was all ready setting sail. We gave him a greeting as he pedaled off into the dark.

The tide was low but we managed to pedal most of the way with little problems. Once reaching the open bay I could see the bait being busted in almost every direction. I grabbed my trusty Pink Skitterwalk. This has been my go to top-water bait all summer.  I drifted for nearly 30 minutes without so much as a blow-up. Finally, I heard the familiar popping sound of my lure being sucked under.  I set the hook. After a short fight, I landed this nice 22″ trout.

 photo 20934c8e-4c1a-4023-a0ab-d13c9797c786_zpsff5e9c9d.jpg

I continued fishing the same shallow sand flat. No further bites came from this area. I left my son in one of my favorite fishing holes, hoping he would be entertained with non-stop catching of fish. I worked my way around the grassy marsh in search of game fish. I was throwing a Gulp Mantis Shrimp along the grass and bouncing it off the bottom. Every once in a while I could see signs of red fish working the grass line. I was finally able to sneak up on some. This resulted in my only legal sized redfish of the day.

 photo 0b2b3896-4746-475f-a059-73af6ae95a74_zps3721a50f.jpg

He was barely legal, but large enough to count towards my slam (a Texas slam includes a trout, flounder and redfish) and for Kayakwars points. Now I needed to find a flounder. I continued working the grass line. I saw a small reef up ahead. I edged the shoreline hoping to find a flounder along the grass near the oysters. It paid off as I was able to land this flounder.

 photo d4b3171b-8092-46db-a27e-2341ecdba7d0_zps274560fb.jpg

I had my slam. I was happy. Now I found my son and we headed off to a couple of reefs. I took a handful of my sonís shrimp and staked out next to him so we could share some quality father/son/fishing time. We caught a number of nice croaker like the one pictured below.

 photo 3a30b623-693f-4731-94ac-1fa67ef05f9a_zps4082857a.jpg

My son finally hooked a nice 19″ trout. He was happy. He brought it over to me to throw in the cooler. (We planned on a fish fry for dinner.) I took a few snap shots of my son as he brought his fish over. For the record, he doesnít normally look like a gansta-wanna-be hoodlum.

(Doesnít his pink net make him look manly?)

 photo b4b622e4-e073-45d0-814d-5fa6b778aab6_zps8187d460.jpg

Shortly after placing his fish in my cooler, my phone kept ringing. It was non-stop. There were numerous calls. I thought I better check it in case it was something important. Good thing I did as my buddy Grant left a message saying he found a school of 20″ plus trout over a shallow 1-2′ sand flat. We pulled up our stake-out sticks and headed for the action. I was able to pull from the flat a couple of nice trout. Both came on the pink Skitterwalk. One measured around 19″ and the other around 20″.

 photo c18ba2a8-7ce1-463a-b69a-a6560104b64b_zps9de4284e.jpg

We headed back to shore with a cooler full of fish. We packed the fish in ice and made the trip home. Once home the fish were fileted. The filets were baked in a garlic-butter saute.  Dinner also included garlic and herb rice, a fresh vegetable medley also sauted in garlic butter (sliced summer squash, zucchini, red peppers, green peppers, and yellow peppers) and sweet corn on the cob. Yum!!! signing out,

Todd Hart