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Evening Fishing in Matagorda

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

I hit the water around 4 pm. Other kayakers were calling it quits. I was excited to just be beginning. I was anxious to try my luck with top water plugs right at sunset.

Within minutes I hooked a nice flounder. He bit on a pearl and chartreuse Category 5 Shrimp minnow.

A few minutes later I found a school of hungry trout. They were all barely legal. After landing a few I decided to move on in search of bigger prey. They too, bit on the Shrimp Minnow.

 photo 29ffade0-a971-4f29-a437-2d8f91b1663a_zps73d7072c.jpg

I spent some time searching for flounder. I was not successful. I saw some reds, however my Kayakwar’s team had already reached our monthly quota of redfish so I  left them alone and continued my search. (I did accidentally catch a few undersized reds.)

I gave up on the flounder and moved out over some deeper reefs. I switched to a Badonka-Donk top water lure. I wasn’t having much luck at first.

I noticed some birds working. I quickly made my way to the birds and the action stopped before I got there. Then I saw more birds working about a 1/2 mile away. I pedaled in that direction and just as I reached the area the birds stopped again. I got a few hits, but then the fish disappeared. Finally, I saw a birds working just a few yards away. I got there and the action was on. Most casts resulted in hits and some resulted in fish.

 photo 6201106d-5f97-4af3-aa15-3bdcdcb65555_zps470304b1.jpg

 photo 2b7985f7-b8f2-493b-9f5f-2cbd2aee5913_zps0efad8d7.jpg

Everything was going great until an air boat shot right through my school of fish. It was so loud that it was all I could hear for the next 20 minutes. This kind of put an end to my fishing. The fish scattered and I could not hear where they were popping the surface as the night approached.

I called it a night and pedaled back to my truck.

Operationfish.com signing out,


Todd Hart