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Ending to a Fun Tournament Season

Posted Tuesday, October 8, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Well I made it to my all time favorite marsh, down by Sabine Lake, yet again this weekend for some redfish chasing. Luckily we are in the split for duck season so I was able to hit some of my favorite marsh in search of redfish, without being shot for scaring ducks. Thank god! I hit the water Friday morning to do some searching for a tournament I was participating in that next morning. I wasn't looking to catch a bunch of fish, just wanted to see if there were any to be had. Once I hit the water at about 6:30 a.m., I made the paddle back into the marsh, which would be at an abnormally high tide but not for this year. As I got back there and started throwing some Topwaters (Super Spook Jr Bone), I had several short strikes and boils. I picked up another rod with a Manns Waker tied on so I could make a cast whenever a fish would boil behind the Topwater and sure enough that did the trick. I caught a couple of fish with this technique and even picked up a couple fish on the Topwater. The problem was that they were all small slot fish, not the upper slot tournament fish I was looking for. I fished for few more hours before calling it a day and heading home. I did manage to locate some bigger fish before I hit the land.

 photo 0aa6695b-020a-46d7-aba4-b143396e09e4_zpsea340b16.jpg

On Saturday morning rolls around, I'm pumped up about this last leg of the Lone Star Kayak Series. As I hit the road, I was feeling good about my spot going. I went over my game, reassuring myself that this is the day that I'm finally going to get that 1st place trophy. I’m pulling up to the launch, surprised to find my buddy there telling me that he couldn’t get to his spot because of water over the road and sure enough the tide was even higher. I was able to hit the water at 6:00 a.m., making the paddle with no problem. The fish are still there. So just like the day before I start out with Topwaters again. Fish are short striking this morning and eating, but just not my Topwater. I fished all day struggling to find some decent fish. I ended up with two fish that weighed 9.49 lbs on the scales. Unfortunately, I didn't make the money but still had a good day on the water. On a side note my buddy who fished with me ended up winning Angler of the Year, so I would like to give a big shout out to Jason Blackwell.

 photo 25d1fd5c-643a-441a-9d21-d53707404397_zpscf62af1d.jpg

Now that tournament season is over, I will be doing the two things I haven’t been able to do in years: some flounder fishing and some winter time trout fishing. Oh and I also have one hell of a “Honey-Do-List” that I have to get done.

Tight lines and bent rods

Chad Lyden