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Chasing Pelicans with Todd Hart

Posted Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Saturday morning (8-25-13) I fished with a couple of buddies in Matagorda Bay. We launched right at sun up, approximately 6:00AM. The tide was very high. It was probably the highest I have seen it all year. I drifted slowly, working my way to our location. I was casting my favorite top-water lure, a pink Skitterwalk. The fish had no interest in my bait. My two buddies both stopped and fished a reef we often visit. One of the them landed a nice 24″ trout and other caught a nice flounder. I worked my way around the marsh and approached the reef from the far side. I still had no interest in my Skitterwalk or the Gulp Mantis Shrimp I threw along the grass line.

I decided to make my way to another location. The wind was beginning to pick up. The water was getting choppy. I trolled for about a mile to my next spot.  Still, I had no takers on any of the baits I threw. I finally reached one of my favorite marsh drains and worked my way deeper into the interior. As I got way back into the shallow water, I saw some reds working the grass-line. I threw my skitterwalk and hooked a nice red. He ripped drag and ran into the grass. I had to follow him into the reeds in order to land him. It was worth it, as he measured 30″.

He swallowed the entire skitterwalk. It took some effort to remove the hooks. Both hooks were to deep to reach with my pliers and his mouth was just to small to insert my hand. After a determined struggle, he was safely unhooked, photographed and released.

I worked my way back to my buddies. I drifted the bay while throwing my top-water. The only fish I hooked was this gaft-top pictured below.

 photo e482ffea-48cf-437a-ba8f-ef0ed471fc9d_zpsc2f76f89.jpg

Just as we were getting ready to call it a day, a group of hungry pelicans moved into the area. They were diving frantically into the water in an attempt to feed. We kayaked to the birds and began catching trout with our top-water lures.

 photo ded15799-e494-45dd-ab1e-8ac42733eb9d_zps43f13cae.jpg

The birds were constantly moving to different locations. We followed from one place to the next. We picked up trout at most locations.

 photo b2b5b4f5-e9df-432e-b656-344273a0ccdb_zps0a4717f9.jpg

Two of us had Hobie kayaks and were easily able to chase the birds, despite the strong winds. The third guy in our party was using a conventional kayak (brand unnamed) with a paddle. The wind proved to strong and he was unable to chase the birds with us. The two us chasing birds each ended the day with a number of healthy trout. None of the trout I caught were huge by any standards. They all measured 17-19″, maybe not trophy fish, but just right for the frying pan.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart