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Chad Lyden: Sabine Lake 8/24/2014

Posted Friday, August 29, 2014 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

I hit some Sabine Lake area marsh at daylight and found them right off the bat throwing a Bomber Badonk-A-Donk topwater just blind casting in some small ponds. As the sun started to come up the reds started crashing bait along the shoreline and in the middle of some of the bigger ponds and they got pretty skittish to blind casting with a topwater. I put the topwater away and went on the hunt for the reds that were visible and feeding, I started throwing a 3" white Gulp shrimp rigged on an Owner 1/16 oz Twist Lok 3/0 hook. As I started finding them crawling along the shoreline and pushing across the flats I found that if I got to close or put the bait to close to them they would spook, so I adjusted my technique and started making longer casts and putting the bait farther out in front of the fish and waited on the fish to come to the bait before twitching it. This technique worked like a charm and I was rewarded with a half day of sight fishing and a limit of reds all 6-61/2 pounds, couldn't find the smaller slot fish like I like to keep. After fishing an outgoing tide all morning and what little wind there was dying around 10 AM I headed for the launch which was a pretty good paddle back considering the water level had dropped a little with the tide so there was a lot of pushing through some shallow water, heck of a workout in that heat. Back at the launch which is in a bayou that runs along the side of the road, I kept noticing a head about the size of a baseball that kept popping up down the bayou a little ways, I figure it's a small otter or nutra rat so I went about my business of getting the kayak loaded back up and ready to go. As I'm strapping the kayak down to the trailer I see the head directly across the bayou from me and as it ducks back under the water I see it's fins come up and realize that its a small sea turtle that has found it's way back into this marsh, I see it pop it's head up one more time across from me and the next time I see it's heading back down the bayou from the direction it came from, sure hope that guy finds it's way back out, until next time, fish hard and stay safe.

Tight lines and bent rods,

Chad Lyden