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Bad Weather Can't Stop Todd Hart

Posted Thursday, September 26, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

The forecast last weekend (9/21/13) called for thunderstorms with high winds, especially along the gulf coast. I still wanted to fish. The bad forecast would not force me to hide under the covers. I woke up early and headed for Lake Fayette. I would target some bass. I launched and hit my normal places. My first few stops were a bust, with not so much as a bite. I continued searching and switched to a dark-colored popper (top-water lure).

 photo 14124c3c-78f7-423c-85b9-4a39bd8e0569_zpse396adea.jpg

After a couple of hours I found a patch of cattails that seemed to be hiding some bass. I casted the popper and worked it back to the kayak. I would pop it hard and it let it set for a moment while retrieving the bait. I managed to pick up a few bass using this method.

 photo 1642e9c7-2217-4813-b1b8-79ecc43dee59_zps592b4419.jpg

 photo 2aa94aa7-6097-4cd1-acd4-d2ae28139675_zpsab6e281d.jpg

I was really surprised by this aggressive little guy.

 photo 9f439b15-e79c-4f55-999e-a6de739e47c7_zps8a101dbd.jpg

The wind really started to pick up and the top water bite seemed to slow down.  I switched to my old favorite Cotton Cordell lure.

 photo 458a6f8f-eb0b-4fb3-a500-940a300896d5_zpsce7cd6f4.jpg

This produced a few more bass. The wind was getting so strong I decided to call it a day. I struggled on the pedal back as the head wind was unbearably strong.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart