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12-14-13 with Todd Hart

Posted Friday, December 27, 2013 by cnull in Kayak Fishing Blog

Sunday afternoon (12/14/13) we packed up and pointed the truck towards Keith Lake.  This area is one of my favorite places when trying to hide from a north wind.

When first arriving I worked a top water over some shallow shell. This area has produced well recently, but not today. No fish were even slightly interested. I worked my way out into some deeper water and still had no luck. I explored for a while.  I saw some birds working in the distance and high tailed it general direction. The birds kept moving away. And all they left behind was one small blow up.

After a while I moved towards the shore and saw some redfish cruising the shoreline. They were stingy and I could only get one to actually bite. A few followed my top-water but just would not open their mouths.  I finally landed one and he was plump. He would have made a great tournament fish. He was photographed and released.

 photo 61659caf-50e1-4b9e-a227-04e1fdf79523_zps09186c51.jpg

I tried to land a few more reds, but they would not cooperate.  There were a bunch of birds working to the west of me so I gave in to temptation and pedaled towards the action. I threw a Corkie and bam, fish on.

 photo 13d6f83a-c5c9-42ae-abc4-ede7056a01ea_zps5489ebbe.jpg

The action was great. Nearly every very cast resulted in a trout.

 photo 9da3bcdb-91c3-4ebb-a40e-fd3aed44ffb2_zps2336a99a.jpg

The trout seemed to be everywhere. They were even hitting the surface so I caught a few on top-water.

 photo 1e41de40-a7d9-4c0a-aab7-5dfe4bc2a2f3_zps2411764a.jpg

The trout weren’t big, but they were numerous and hungry.  It was a quantity over quality kind of day. All fish were photographed and released.

Operationfish.com signing out,

Todd Hart